Curating the 2019 Christmas Omakase Dinner

Dinner courses should be designed so that the customer finishes feeling happy and satisfied rather than uncomfortable and bloated. As a chef, I want my diners to eat and enjoy everything I put in front of them. But when they say they are full it means simply that there was too much food.  I don’t want my courses to be a struggle to eat; I design them so that the diner still has the capacity (literally) to relish the last dish as much as the first. Too much food is never appreciated.  (Dinner Plans And Desserts)                                                                                      -Nobu Matsuhisa, Nobu: The Cookbook, p. 175

…He believes in what he calls “the law of diminishing returns.” He wants each dish, whether it’s three, four or five bites, to leave diners longing for one more taste. He explains that during the first few bites, flavors are heightened before flavor saturation and palate fatigue sets in.                                                                                          -Thomas Keller/SFGate “Insider Scoop”, 9 Apr 2009

In preparation for executing the family Christmas dinner meal, it came to my attention that this year’s meal would be slightly different.  As I discovered, one of my parents was no longer in a position to have the agemono course as she was unable to handle the expected crunchy crust.  Moreover, I would have to pull the horns in on the number of course since I was told that the amount of courses might be a bit too much.   Additionally, I had gotten a request to repeat the Roast Pineapple Chop dessert from the 2016 Christmas meal.

Because of the dropped courses, I had to modify the menu in a Nobu-like way:

shokupan toast points

Kinugoshi Tofu, Matsuhisa Dressing, katsuobushi

Michiba Buri Curry Nimono
daikon, broccoli rabe

Field Greens
Morimoto yuzu dressing


Shoyu Dashi
Tarabkani, Fishcake

Tokyo Negi, maitake, Michiba Sansho Miso

unagi kabayaki

Onigiri Yaki
wasabi suimono, ikura

French Laundry Roasted Pineapple Chop
sweet vanilla creme fraiche

Happy holidays everyone!

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