A note on agar products

While I was visiting my parent’s home, I wanted to make Morimoto’s Tofu Cheesecake for my family.  So I couldn’t find the agar product that I used when making the dessert here in Boston –

ingredients less sugar.
The white and green package in front is powdered agar agar

So I went and bought the following at Mitsuwa, Edgewater (the old standby I used in making the Almond Tofu dessert) –

Powdered agar from Mitsuwa, Edgewater, NJ

As it would turn out, using the prior agar product with the amount specified in the Morimoto Tofu Cheesecake recipe resulted in a collapsed cake and all the ‘tofu cheesecake filling’ spilling out all over the kitchen counter.  I had to remake the cake using TWICE the amount of that agar powder in order for the recipe to work.

It was the least I could do for myself and my readers so that no one else would have to go through the mess I had to clean up.   Hopefully, this would make for a good new year cooking tastingmenu dinner courses.

Happy new years everyone!

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