Robuchon Mashed Potatoes

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Like last year, I needed to stay put and prepare to share the workload with my teammates on websites all through the Thanksgiving/Black Friday/CyberMonday shopping period. Since I was going to be working overnight between Thanksgiving dinner into Black Friday again, I didn’t want to over do it and end up in a food coma.  So unlike last year, I wanted to try and make mashed potatoes as a side, as per a request from my niece (so she could learn how to do this).  As per my prior write up on mashed potato mechanics, I gathered my ingredients, yukons, butter, milk (and in my wife’s case, olive oil).

So for myself, I was going to make:

1/2 lb Ratte potatoes (Yukon golds)
125 grams (1/4 lb==1 sticks of butter) chilled unsalted high quality French butter– chilled and cut into small pieces
Hot Milk, as needed 1/4 -3/8 cup
salt to taste

and for my wife, I was going to make:

1/2 lb Ratte potatoes (Yukon golds)
2 T extra virgin olive oil
salt to taste

To custom make these orders for Thanksgiving dinner, I would simply boil the 1 lb of potatoes, mashed them and then split them into two mixing bowls and then add their respective butter/olive oil ingredients. So I brought my potatoes to a boil in salted water and then let them cook for 30 minutes at 50% maximum heat.  Once the yukon golds were done, I fished them out of the pot with a slotted

my potato ricer of choice

a stick of unsalted butter split into 8 equal pieces

spoon and split them in half. At that point, it made it easy to pass them through the ricer without peeling them (letting my ricer do the

a pound of riced potatoes

work).  Now it was just a matter of gradually adding/melting the pieces of butter into half the mashed potatoes, while the other half

to gradually whisk portions of butter into the potatoes

portion would be mixed with 1 teaspoon of olive oil (as per my wife’s preference).  While I was incorporating the butter in the potatoes,

warming the milk for the end of the process

I slowly warmed 1/4 c of milk to be added and blended in at the end of the process.

With the butter all in, the hot milk was gradually added a bit at time

Now it was a matter of seasoning.  I initially added 1/2 t of 4:1 salt/pepper mix, retasted with my wife and agreed the potatoes needed a touch more of pepper and I then added 1/8 t of black pepper.  It would turn out the same seasoning amount went well with the olive oil version made for my wife.

Completed Robuchon Pommes Puree

I could have taken the extra step to pass the result through a tami, I felt enough effort was made and  it was just a matter to serve the

(clockwise, top left) – butternut squash casserole, simple succotash, Robuchon-style potatoes, roasted boneless turkey thighs


potatoes, family style for the Thanksgiving meal.  Tasting a portion the Robuchon-style potatoes made me realize how good this recipe was.  Moreover, I could see why only a few tablespoons were enough because of its richness.   Perhaps this is a side I could make as part of a dish for a multicourse meal…. or perhaps even to pair with a wellington!




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