A note on Yaki Onigiri

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On recent visit to Kamakura for dinner, our last course was

Onigiri yaki
ikura, kizame nori, wasabi dashi

Since I was planning to on doing a version of this as my last savory course for 2019 Christmas meal, I needed to learn the technique for  crisping onigiri to add atop the thickened dashi broth.  Ming Tsai’s Blue Ginger: East Meets West Cooking (p. 76) offered a procedure for crisping the onigiri.  In Chef Tsai’s approach, he recommends broiling it on an oven tray at 3 minutes a side.  I made 2 onigiri with the triangular mold I’d purchased from Mitsuwa years ago and put the onigiri in my countertop oven to cook as directed.  As it would

notice the light golden brown around the edges of the onigiri

turn out, getting that crispy texture with that time was not enough. I flipped the onigiri every 3 minutes and checked the surface until I

Using the onigiri yaki in a chazuke broth with smoked salmon

got that crisp tap when hitting the surface with a fork.  The amount of time it took to reach that result was 12 minutes.   Now I know what it takes to make that dish.

Update: 30 Nov 2019

I have determined my onigiri mold holds 3 tablespoons of cooked rice.  I adjusted the cooking time to 7 minutes per side and got the all-over perfect crispy golden brown crust on the outside of the onigiri.

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