No Bake Cheesecake: Mechanics

Not being gifted in making desserts, I’d been meditating on how I would approach making Iron Chef Morimoto’s ‘Tofu’ Cheesecake (The New Art Of Japanese Cooking, p.236-238).  I was first intrigued by that dish from the Iron Chef Tofu

[ at time index 30:46 ]

and Iron Chef America Tofu battles.  While I did have a 9″ non-stick springform bake pan, it occured to me that Iron Chef Morimoto’s cake was of the no-bake variety whose combination of ingredients might STILL stick to the pan.  So it occurred to me that one of the issues I would have to resolve getting the eventual cake cleanly out of the bake pan.   Over at , there was a presentation of how I would address the issue.

Using the springform pan to crease the parchment paper for the base

First off, I would have to establish a circular parchment for the base placed onto the bottom of the bake pan.  For that, I would cut a

trimming the gross amount of parchment paper

piece of parchment paper place it onto the bake pan based and the lock in the rest of the springform to create the crease outline I

to remove the parchment paper to do a fine trim

could use to cut around ring for the base.

tight trim of the parchment paper base

I would next have to rollout another sheet of parchment paper for lining the circumference of the walls of the springform pan.  An

lengthwise parchment to line the springform walls

estimate of the size was about 23″long  x 4″ wide.  Based on what I was hearing from my friend (who was cooking over at Harvard

estimating the springform pan wall width as 4″

University) and the beyondfrosting website, I would have to lightly grease the internal walls of the springform pan by wiping it with a

Nocking 4″ width to cut a 23″x 4″strip

little grapeseed oil.  In that manner, it would easy to lift the springform pan walls away from the chilled/set cheesecake.  It would,

trial fitting of the parchement strip

hopefully, be easy to peel the parchment paper away from the sides of the cheesecake.

Simulating securing the parchment strip by using water to wet the interior springform pan walls)

The whole point of preparing the bake pan was that it could be done ahead before preparing the cracker/cookie crust and the tofu cheesecake filling.

The other thing I wanted to do was to replace gelatin specified in Iron Chef Morimoto’s recipe with agar.  In researching the technique for substituting agar for gelatin, I came across the fact that agar had a melting point of 85 °C/185 °F and would start to solidify at 32–40 °C/90–104 °F ( was important to notice here was the information at, indicating soy milk had a “boiling point” of 165 degrees and after that point ‘yuba’/soybean/tofu skin begins to form.  That meant that I would need to start/activate the agar solution first and then add in the 150 degree soymilk.

So I think the order of steps I would need to make the cheesecake filling would be:

* beat heavy cream until stiff and then refridgerate.
* beat egg whites with 2 T sugar until soft peaks (reserve).
* heat 1/2 c sugar with 3 T water, boil WITHOUT stirring  until it becomes syrup at 235-240 degrees F.
* beat hot syrup into whipped egg whites until meringue is cool and very stiff.

*  Make the agar/water mix by adding 3/8t+1/24t agar/1 T boiling (90 degrees C/194 degrees F) water mixture

* Heat the soy milk to 150 degrees F and then add to the agar/water mix

* into a stainless steel mixing bowl over simmering water, blend cream cheese, soy milk/agar blend until warm.
* Add agar mix to the soy milk/cream cheese mix until it agar is dissolved into the entire mixture.
* Out of the bowl on simmering water, fold soy milk/cream cheese/agar mix into the meringue.
* Fold in the whipped cream into the soy milk/cream cheese/agar/meringue mix.
* Pour the combined mixture into the prepared springform cake pan and refridgerate for at least 2 hrs or overnight.

Welllllll …. at least now I have a plan




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