Nobu Tokyo Tomato With Bonito Flakes, Matsuhisa Dressing

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I wanted to come up with a starter to a dinner featuring Salmon Toro Hagashi, Nobu-Style this week. I recently came across these menu listings:

and then found a picture of this dish at the Matsuhisa, LA website:

I had leftover Matsuhisa Soy Onion Dressing from a dinner earlier in the week.  Realizing this was merely simply applying the sauce to a

A nice medium sized heirloom tomato

good fresh tomato, I got a nice heirloom tomato from Whole Foods, Wellesley.  It occurred to me to create a plate starting with a painting of 3 or so tablespoons of the soy onion dressing and then plating 3 nice slices of the tomato. I would then use the cap and bottom

simply plating tomato slices using the cap as a gatinsh pedestal

slices of the tomato (inverted atop the other tomato slices) and platform for the katsuobushi (bonito flakes).

5g packet of bonito flakes

While I was preparing the evening’s entree, my wife started in on this tomato appetizer and commented how well the flavors came together.  Once I brought the entree’s to the table, I took a bit of the combined bonito flakes, chunk of tomato slice with the sauce.

completed tomato, bonito flakes, matsuhisa soy onion dressing appetizer

Wow. Simple and savory.   I could easily see making this as an opening course of any tasting menu dinner.

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