World Of Nobu: Lamb Ribchops With Honey Bourbon Anticucho, Nobu Tokyo

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In thinking about what to try to next from World Of Nobu, I thought I could approach Nobu Tokyo Chef Wada’s Lamb With Honey Anticucho (p. 144).   I already had a sense of what the recipe might look like, even though there were only ingredient listings in the book:

red anticucho
yellow anticucho

based on Saveur bourbon barbeque sauce ( ) and my experience in making Nobu’s Anticucho Kushiuyaki, I estimated the microbatch recipe might look like:

2 t honey
1/4 c bourbon
2 T sake
2 parts red anticucho
1 part yellow anticucho

with an estimated yield of 1/2 c.  Chef Wada directs that all the ingredients be mixed in a blender and then simmered in a small pot to thicken.  I expected this to look like:

2 t honey
1/4 c bourbon
2 T sake
2 T red anticucho
1 T yellow anticucho

sake, nip of bourbon, red and yellow anticucho sauces, and honey

I thought it might be easier to make this sauce by bringing the bourbon, sake to a boil and then to a simmer to help mix in the honey

first combining the sake, bourbon and honey to burn off the alcohol and to create a thickener

to thicken it. At that point I could whisk in the anticucho sauces.

Adding in 2 T of the red anticucho sauce

The sauce thickened very slightly; but upon tasting, I was glad I only used 2 t of honey because the sweetness was just balanced with the anticucho mix. But what vegetables could I pair with this?  Clearly the classic combination is lamb and beans.  Fortunately, my copy of The Flavor

a final simmer

Bible suggested broccoli rabe (rapini?), red bell peppers, pearl (possibly cippollini) onions as well as tomatoes (may be cocktail

completed sauce for 2


I would prepare the lamb chops much as I had done earlier for the lamb chops with miso anticucho (olive oil pan sear on each side for about 2 minutes and then into a 400 degree F oven for 8 minutes).   So while I was working on the sauce and the lamb, my wife volunteered to help out by cleaning fresh cocktail tomatoes and sautee’ing broccoli rabe for the lamb.  Onto the serving plates went the broccoli rabe, then the lamb and finally the tomatoes-on-the-vine.  With the remaining dish space, I carefully spooned in 4 T of the

New Zealand Lamb Ribchops, Broccoli Rabe, Tomatoes, Nobu Tokyo Honey Anticucho

honey bourbon anticucho.  Upon trying the dish, my wife remarked how well the bourbon and sweetness complimented the lamb.  Moreover, the slight bitterness of the rabe helped contrast the flavor of the lamb and the sauce.   It’s nice to have and alternative to miso anticucho when I don’t have the Nobu Saikyo Miso on hand.  I’d lik to try this sauce as part of a table bbq dinner.  I’d probably have to double this sauce to share with family and friends.  The ingredient list would look something like this:

4t honey
1/2 c bourbon
1/4 c sake
4 T red anticucho
2 T yellow anticucho

Thank you Chef Takashi Wada and Matsuhisa-sama for sharing this recipe.  I now have a nice way to use bourbon.  Maybe Angel’s Envy instead of Jim Beam….?

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