World Of Nobu is here!

It’s here!


As was reviewed and critiqued at:

I can confirm there are missing recipe measurements.  HOWEVER:

For the ‘classic’ Nobu recipes (p. 13-53, 56-67, 68-95), all the measurements for those recipes can be found in his prior cookbooks.

It appears the one NEW Nobu dish from the classic list is the Sea Urchin Olive Oil Yaki; and that appears to be a sautee of fresh uni in garlic oil (with thin garlic slices and rounds of dried red japanese chili) finished enoki, yuzu juice and dry miso.

I can’t speak to the wagyu dumplings on p. 68 but I’m sure it will not be hard to approximate what the intended values for those measurements would be.  I would probably use the guidance from my writeup at:

As for the Matsuhisa Slider on p. 69, I’ve done a write up for that at:


I expect the measurements for his ketchup sauce would be:

1/2 T powdered japanese mustard reconsituted with hot water
1/2 T ketchup
hot pepper sauce (1/8t smoked paprika and pinch of cayenne)

Sound familiar? It should – I was using the guidance from the attempted Shake Shack sauce writeup to estimate the Nobu slider ketchup.

As for the references to soy cream in World Of Nobu, p. 318, there is a specification that says:

…in a small sauce pan, bring the soy milk to a simmer.  Reduce the milk by half and remove from heat. chill the soy milk cream in a bowl.  Whip the soy milk cream with a whisk until it doubles in volume….

So that recipe is a 2:1 reduction of soy milk, chilled then whipped. There are multiple references to the soy cream in the book.

More updates as I cook my way through Nobu and his team’s offering.


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