Sake Kawa Yaki (Crispy Salmon Skin)

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Sometimes when we get a nice piece of salmon fillet, before I portion it (if the recipe calls for a skinless fillet), *I* will take the skin off and

A salmon fillet, separated from its skin; the skin seasoned on both sides with about 3 3-finger pinches of 4:1 salt/pepper mix

reserve it for making crispy salmon skin.  Usually, I use it for making onigiri.  Additionally, the Nobu cookbooks have a recipes for salmon skin salad (Nobu: The Cookbook, p. 146, 147) and salmon skin roll (Nobu: The Cookbook, p. 163) as well as using it directly as a garnish for his salmon and brown rice salsa ( And Matsuhisa-sama writes in his cookbooks, he grills his salmon skin until crisp.   But for how long?

So I chose to broil my salmon skin (with the rack on in the middle of my countertop oven) for about 8 minutes.  I checked twice for doneness and crispness and it seemed to turn out pretty close to what I wanted.

Nice crisp skin for onigiri, maki, salad or garnish

Waste not, want not.

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