A Simple Thanksgiving Dinner

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I am thankful for where I am, for whom I am with and for what I have.   With everything that’s happened in the last year, things might have turned out far different than they are now, especially with the recent surgery.

Normally, I would have been celebrating this occasion with family through a multicourse meals as in years past.  But seeing how I my neck and shoulder were still recuperating, I knew I wasn’t able to do the required fine knife work required to make such a meal.   On top of that, I needed to share the workload with my teammates on websites all through the Thanksgiving/Black Friday/CyberMonday shopping period. Because I was going to be working overnight between Thanksgiving dinner into Black Friday, I didn’t want to over do it and end up in a food coma.

So I had to pull more horns in and decided on a simple Thanksgiving dinner.  I didn’t have a lot of time, so my wife and I decided on a little roast turkey with a side of blanched corn kernels, roasted white sweet potato (that had a chestnut-y flavor to replace mashed potatoes and stuffing),as well as a little bread and butter.   My wife chipped in and found a recipe for baked butternut squash with cranberries and granny smith apples.  As it would turn out, we had very little leftover (just the baked butternut squash which was part of Friday’s lunch).

Thanksgiving dinner for 2018

Happy Thanksgiving all!


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