A pan sauce note when you only have dry herbs…..

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Last Sunday night, I was helping out to make a dinner of roasted crisp skin chicken thighs. I had some chicken demiglace in my refridgerator and thought I had the rest of the ingredients to make a quick pan sauce.  I didn’t.   So I ran to my copy of Bouchon (Chicken Jus, p 321-322) and realized I didn’t have any fresh herbs either.  All I had was a yellow onion which I could quickly chiffonade and cook down.

After spending some time doing some fresh to dry herb conversions, I came up with a mix of:

1/16 t dried thyme (approximated by half an 1/8 t)
1 t garlic powder
1 bay leaf
1/6 t dried parsley (approximated by 1/8t + 1/16t)

Once the onions were sweated down, I added 1/2 c of the chicken demiglace and 1/4 c of water, brought the whole mixture to a boil and then added the herb mix to cook at a medium heat for about 10 minutes, strained and then added 1/8t of 4:1 salt/pepper mix.

So Sunday night dinner was crisp roasted chicken thighs, blistered cubanelle peppers on sauteed baby kale with a pan sauce of chicken jus a la Bouchon…..

crisp skin roast chicken thighs, chicken jus a la Bouchon

That dinner got a thumbs up from my wife.  I’ll have to keep in mind those herb conversions if I’m ever caught in a situation without fresh herbs again….!

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