A quick note on tosazu

…cooking is most about giving my customers little surprises that will lead them to make discovery about their own latent tastes.                                                                     -Nobu Matsuhisa, Nobu: The Cookbook, p. 10

So my wife and I were discussing what to make for tonight’s dinner and she suggested hamachi with a thought to hamachi kama.  However, the notion of garlic wasabi or teriyaki wasn’t an option.  I did however come across: https://noburestaurants.com/assets/Menus/Lanai/4573267b24/Nobu-Lanai-Dinner-Menu-2017.pdf which listed ‘hamachi kama with avocado, tomato, and jalapeno tosazu’.

So that made me think of trying broiled/grilled hamachi, garlic sauteed cabbage chiffonade and tosazu.  As it would turn out, it was a terrific match.  I should’ve known.   Matsuhisa-sama has recipes for monkfish, salmon skin, and  shortribs; so it seemed to me that tosazu should be a good match for richly flavored proteins.

Update (26 Sep 2018):

I’d come across the ‘Jalapeno Ponzu’ recipe in Nobu West (p. 245) that specified 6 1/2 T each of both the jalapeno dressing and ponzu recipes.  Is it possible the ‘Jalapeno Tosazu’ is the same mix?

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