Fondant Potatoes

So when I decided I’d make roast duck breast with roasted baby carrots, fondant potatoes with Morimoto Shiitake Perigueux Sauce. I realized I needed to teach myself how to cook this type of potato side dish.  After looking about the web, I finally decided what I needed was:

1 ~9oz yukon gold peeled
1.5” pastry cutter
1 c vegetable stock
several sprigs fresh thyme

In many of the recipe instances, I noticed that the preparation required chicken stock and butter.  Knowing how my wife didn’t like cooked butter and wanting to be able to taste the potato clearly, I opt to cook the potato in vegetable stock.  Since I was already planning on preparing a perigueux sauce, I thought I’d try making the potatoes with a commercial vegetable stock on this occasion (I could make a court boullion for this side on a future occasion).


A 9oz yukon gold potato

I need to first prepare a potato by peeling it and then splitting it lengthwise. At that point I could use pastry cutter to cut out 2 or 3 potato cylinders with the potato laying lengthwise.

Cutting out potato ‘cylinders’

Once I gotten the potato into ‘cylinders, I then had to trim the end of potato cylinders so they look like ‘cans’ and then seasoning them with 4:1 salt/pepper mix.

seasoned yukon cylinder (about 4 3-fingered pinches of 4:1 salt/pepper mix); had one more pair from a first potato

To begin cooking the potatoes, I added  2 tablespoons of  grapeseed oil to an heated ovenproof skillet and added the potatoes flatside down and wait for the potato to unstick

searing the potato cylinders

itself from the pan; check for golden brown coloring and the flip them to repeat the process on the other side. Once I flipped the potatoes, I added the thyme and a little more oil until the last side is golden brown.

Adding thyme to the mix

It was the time to add a cup of vegetable stock and move the pan to a preheated 400 degree oven for 25 minutes

a cup of vegetable stock

In order to add the stock, I carefully moved the pan off the burner and carefully poured the stock so as not to get splattered by

The vegetable stock added to a hot pan filled just near the top of the potatoes

the hot oil before I would move the pan to my countertop oven.

and into my countertop oven goes the potatoes in the pan

25 minutes turned out to be the right amount of time; when I got the pan out of the countertop oven, it was clear that the added

finished fondant yukon gold potatoes

vegetable stock had reduced by more than half.  At that point, I set it aside (covered with foil to keep warm) and then moved the potatoes to the dinner plates and served.  On tasting the potatoes, my wife and I got that nice crusty texture from the top of the potatoes and clearly got that nice creamy cooked through body of the fondant potato.  My wife was surprised in getting that clear potato flavor. She commented that she liked the potato prepared in this manner without the use of butter.  So I guess we now have a preferred way to have potatoes in our home.

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