Lotus Root/Renkon Chips

I have been wanting to make lotus root chips for a while since seeing this in Nobu Now (lotus root/renkon chips with tuna and white fish [p 24]) and Nishino’s Autumn Omakase (p 46). But I really wanted to avoid deep frying. So I chose to prepare this by:

  • peeling and then mandolining renkon into wafer thin slices

Turning the lotus roots into ‘chip’ slices

  • 2 1/2 T grapeseed oil for brushing the renkon slices

1st group of oil brushed chips ready for the countertop oven

  • baking it in a preheated 350 degrees countertop oven for 10m

Out of the oven after having rested on paper towels to cool to room temperature for handling

Tasting the results of my labors reminded me of fresh made potato chips. It was perfect for making Matsuhisa-sama’s Sashimi Chips (as referenced above), as a garnish for Nishino-san’s yellowtail teriyaki OR a replacement twist to Thomas Keller’s ‘Soup & Sandwich’ yukon gold potato chip component.

For Memorial Day weekend, I was going to use this as a textural element to anago kababyaki purchased at Mitsuwa/Edgwater. The inspiration for this idea arose from a Nobu HK dish with grilled eel topped with ‘tatami iwashi’.

Sea Eel (anago) Kabayaki, Garlic Sauteed Spinach And Renkon Chips

This weekend’s dish would be anago on a bed garlic sauteed spinach and topped with renkon chips.  As far as I could tell, the dish well received by my family and they clearly like the flavor and textural complement to the eel.  If there’s anything I would do to in adjusting the preparation, I might lower the cooking time from 10 minutes to may be 7 instead.  At least now I have the technique for making a healthier snack, garnish or component for a tasting menu course offering.  Perhaps I could pair renkon chips with Iron Chef Michiba’s miso marinated grilled cream cheese as an appetizer course of ‘crackers and cheese’ for a tasting menu dinner?

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