Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener

Recently, I came across a surprise comment from Matsuhisa-sama regarding his use of sugar:   :

Nobu Matsuhisa: Sushi rice is — make the steamed rice, put the rice vinegars, and the salt, and … used to be I use the sugar, but we don’t use the sugars anymore…Most sushi rice uses sugar, rice vinegar, and salt, and the sweet sake. But maybe since last year, I started using, called monk fruits. Because this is a no sugar, no calorie, but they’re still sweet. Because it’s more healthy. You know, people, especially the New York people are looking for the more healthy food…

But what brand of monkfruit sugar is Matsuhisa-sama using? It looks like the brand indication can be found here –

So, it looks like Matsuhisa-sama has selected Lakanto monkfruit sugar as his sugar replacement.  I rather imagine that this is the product in question:

So I think I’m going to order a package and try re-making the sushi vinegar and the Nobu-Style Saikyo Miso for starters.

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