Roast Turkey Thighs

One of my young relatives has been after me about making some kind of roast turkey dish for the holiday season.  On arriving home after the holiday trip, my wife and I just happened to get two nice big turkey thighs to make for dinner.  I was surprised how inexpensive the ingredient was:  $.49/lb@Whole Foods in Wellesley, MA! I can only imagine that price was for post holidays.

Wow – what a deal

After the manner in which I handled chicken thighs, I removed the bone from the turkey thighs, seasoned them with 4:1 salt/pepper and popped them into a 450 degree F preheat oven.

Boned, seasoned and roasted for 40m at 450 degrees F

I roasted those thighs for about 40 minutes until the skin was GBD and crisp to the tap of fork tines.

A simple home cooked entree

I plated the turkey thighs a top arugula that had been seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil (think Jody Adam’s Tuscan Style Steak).   This simple satisfying dish motivated me to see if I could do this for Christmas 2018 dinner.  Now I need to learn how to make Joel Robuchon’s potato puree to go with the dish…..

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