Christmas Omakase At Home 2017

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So as I had observed earlier, I had to take a more realistic view of what I could accomplish since I didn’t have a lot of lead time to prepare.   As expected, the nobashi ebi yaki ‘cocktail’, tomato ‘salad’ and roast black cod dishes were a good fit for this meal.

1st course: Nobu ‘Shrimp Cocktail’, endive, spice lemon dressing

On arriving at my folks and looking over what could/could not be done, I decided that trying to do the bourguignon base would just take far too much time, and so I opted for a short rib recipe from Ming Tsai as the meat course.

2nd course: Ron Siegel Tomato Salad ‘Sashimi’, Shallot Balsamic Vinaigrette

On looking back at my experience with the dashi ponzu dish, I was happy to get some  nice portions of black cod from Mitsuwa at Edgewater, NJ and then garnish it with roasted maitake mushrooms.  After having this particular variant, I think this is one of those combinations that I’d consider as a keeper.

3rd course: Grilled Black Cod, Roasted Maitake, Blanched Asparagus, Dashi Ponzu

While I was preparing the short ribs dish earlier in the day, I did get a request to make a lighter dessert to end the meal. THAT

4th course: Ming Tsai Aromatic Short Ribs And Root Vegetables

was a little bit of a scramble.  So I did have one package of agar powder at my folks place and chose to make and offer Chef Yoshihiro’s fruit jelly to end the meal.

Murata Style Fruit Jelly ‘aspic/terrine

Overall, it was the consensus that the meal was a very nice way to celebrate the holidays.  I think if there was anything I’d do differently, I think I’d increase the amount of agar solution for the dessert and just slightly lower the amount of diced fruit so that my ‘aspic’/jelly would be slightly more distributed throughout the dessert.

It’ll be interesting to see how next year’s menu planning goes…

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