Thanksgiving Omakase At Home 2017

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…what’s a planned holiday meal without a few surprises….So when I arrived at the house, I got told that there was a preference for scallops instead of the nobashi ebiyaki and perhaps ginger ice cream instead of vanilla.  So quickly thinking, I decided on the Nobu Scallop/Corn ‘salad’ and swapping the vanilla ice cream pairing with the baked apple with the ginger ice cream (and originally, it was going to be the ‘rainbow’ yogurt parfait dessert instead of the baked apple).


Nobu HK Scallop Corn Salad With Yuzu Dressing


Nishino Kanpachi Usuzukuri, Ponzu Yuzu Kosho Grated Daikon, Red Peppercorns (see pgs 28-37)

And so, one of the things I found out about this particular recipe was that the flavored grated daikon easily made enough for 6.  The microbatch recipe for the garnish would be:

1 T grated daikon radish (pressed/drained after grating)
1/8 t yuzu kosho paste
1 T ponzu


Nobu Vegan Taco: roasted zucchini, roasted eggplant, grilled tomato salsa


Sake Konbu Wrapped Steamed Atlantic Cod, Blanched Baby Shanghai Greens, Olive Oil, Yuzu, Dry Miso


Pan Roasted Duck Breast a la Morimoto, Sauteed Leeks, Cucumber Spears, Tianmianjan, Croissant


Suimono, Tai, Baby Spinach


Chirashi – Salmon, ikura, tai, hamachi, toro, kanpachi, fresh grated wasabi, soy


Baked Macintosh, Ginger Ice Cream

…and a satisfying thanksgiving dinner it was!


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