Nobu ‘Toro Rossa’ Sauce

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This weekend, my wife suggested we do at-home-korean-bbq with an eye to the fact that the restaurants in the area were going to be crowded due to the Easter occasion and the 2017 Boston Marathon.  While I knew korean bbq used ssamjang and salted sesame oil dipping sauces, I recalled the Toro Rossa Roll recipe from Nobu:The Sushi Book (p. 25, 151).  What I had in mind was making the spicy saikyo miso sauce to replace the ssamjang. The sauce itself was pretty straightforward to make.

The sauce for the Toro Rossa dish was:
1/3 c (5T+1t) Nobu Style Saikyo Miso
1/3 c (5T+1t) gochujang
2 T nikiri sake

gochujang from HMart Bulington, MA

A little more information about the gochujang

But that would mean I would need to make a microbatch of the Nobu miso:
3 T sake
3 T mirin
1/2 c miso
3 T + 1 t + 1/2 t + 1/4 t honey (my version instead of sugar)

microbatch of the nobu style saikyo miso

So now that I had all the ingredients, the spicy saikyo miso would be a breeze to make.  The salted sesame oil would be a snap

The finished ‘toro rossa’ sauce

as well – 4 T sesame oil to 2 T of salt, aka 2 parts sesame oil, 1 part salt ( thank you Bon Appetit: ).

Korean BBQ at home, romaine lettuce, boiled corn on the cob, shabu shabu pork, two different cuts of SRF washygu short ribs,  bellpeppers, carrots, eringi, enoki, salted sesame and toro rossa dipping sauces

With the completed sauces available, it was simple fun interactive dinner. The toro rossa sauce went really well with the ‘sumiyaki’ washugyu and shabu shabu pork (especially in making ssam with the sumiyaki washugyu/shabu shabu pork with rice, a few grilled vegetables and romaine leaves).  Thank you Matsuhisa-sama for sharing this sauce recipe.  I can see using it for lotus root chips with shiso and sashimi (Nobu Now, pgs 20, 21, 24).  And since the lotus root chips are a being used as a crisp base, what about a version of Nobu’s sashimi mini-tacos, possibly replacing the grilled tomato salsa with the toro rossa sauce?


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