Nobu Sea Bass Dashi Ponzu

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I was thinking about what to make for dinner Thursday night and there’re so many things I’ve prepared and written about.  Then I just happened to hear Copland’s Simple Gifts (from Appalachian Spring) and the words “…’Tis the gift to be simple, ’tis the gift to be free…”.  By coincidence, I happened upon: or alternately,

…and the dish was (Chilean) Sea Bass Dashi Ponzu With Asparagus And Shiitake. The Dashi Ponzu sauce is astonishingly simple; it’s equal parts of dashi and ponzu (see Nobu West, pgs. 244,248,249).  The dish is currently on the menus of Nobu Dubai and Moscow.

So I prepare the sauce and set it aside.

dashi for the sauce

dashi for the sauce

4 parts ponzu mixed with 4 parts dashi

4 parts ponzu mixed with 4 parts dashi

I prepared the chilean seabass much as I did in Nobu’s Chilean Seabass And Truffles With Yuzu Soy Butter Sauce.  While the fish was cooking in the countertop oven, a bunch of asparagus got blanched and I sauteed

Sauteed shiitake topping garnish

Sauteed shiitake topping garnish

about 4 ounces of sliced shiitake.  Once the asparagus and fish was done, I plated the asparagus and topped it with the fish.  To

Plating his and hers...!

Plating his and hers…!

the top of the fish, I added the shiitake mushrooms.  Finally, I poured 4 tablespoons of sauce over each serving of the dish.

Nobu Seabass With Dashi Ponzu

Nobu Seabass With Dashi Ponzu

Upon trying the dish, my wife and I both commented on how the flavors were ‘very Japanese’; the dashi definitely upped the umami quotient in the dish and the ponzu added that extra salt sparkle and acidity to counter the richness of the chilean seabass.  The simply sauteed mushrooms added that earthy bite to the dish and the asparagus provided grassy notes with that bit of textural crunch.

I’d be curious to try this dish with black cod or king salmon…..

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