Ingredient Alert: Strauss Brands Glace De Veau

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I was sad about the departure of Perfect Additions’ products.  One of the things that attracted me to that product was that Perfect Additions’ beef stock used beef that was guaranteed to be fed a diet that included NO ANIMAL BYPRODUCTS.

Since then, I’ve been hunting around for a replacement.  Fortunately, Whole Foods in Wellesley, MA recently started carrying Strauss “free raised” products.  The item that got my attention was there glace de veau which could have water added to re-instate it to ‘stock’ status (including the necessary gelatin). Here’s some of the information of the product:

Strauss Free Raised Glace De Veau ("veal stock reduction")

Strauss Free Raised Glace De Veau (“veal stock reduction”)

I put in a phone call to the company and was told that their products did not use beef that was fed any animal products and that their veal was milk/grass-fed only.  You can check out their online declarations here:


While the glace de veau isn’t the Thomas Keller version (he doesn’t roast his veal bones), I decided to go ahead and try the product to see how it tasted.  I decided to incorporate the product into Iron Chef Morimoto’s Hayashi Stew from his cookbook.  The glace de veau product was about 8 oz and since Iron Chef Morimoto called for 2 cups of veal stock, I went ahead and added an extra cup of water when I added the glace de veau to the stew pot.

My wife and I thought the resulting dish turned out wonderfully.  I think the next two dishes I’d like

Iron Chef Morimoto's Loco Moto garnished with Soy Salt

Iron Chef Morimoto’s Loco Moto garnished with Soy Salt

to try with the glace de veau is:


Thank you to everyone at Strauss for making a product like this available for us at home!

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