A Sample Weekly Menu

Since my wife and I got married, friends have inquired about the sort of meals my wife and I make.  Generally speaking, we alternate nights; though the weekend is up for grabs depending on which one of us comes up with an idea for the meal (Fri/Sa/Su).  Usually, we do a bit of weekly dinner menu planning Sunday’s; and if I want to do something I’ve never made before, it’s usually on a Saturday when I make the attempt.  As I’ve mentioned in earlier postings, Thursday nights are usually ‘grill/broil/quick roasts’ night, though on occasions I might try do something ankake-like.  So here’s an example of what we have planned for the week of 21 Jan 2013…

Nappa Shiitake Soup (in Shanton Broth)
Snap Peas Carrots Stir Fry
Steamed “Lionhead”

Salmon Toro Hagashi
asparagus, shiitake, yuzu dressing

Pork Spareribs And Nappa Soup

Monkfish And Tamari Sichuan Soy (Nobu Hong Kong Style)
Cubanelle, Scallion Julienne

Out To Dinner

Iron Chef Chen Mapo Tofu
Garlic Romaine Stirfry

Seafood Shabu Shabu

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