Grilled Squid And Zucchini

So after the event of Thansgiving, I thought a nice light dinner was in order.  While flipping through Nobu Now, I came across a recipe for grilled koyari squid and zucchini (p. 177).  Unfortunately, it turned out that  I was unable locate any squid that hadn’t had their skins removed.  However HMart, Fort Lee did have nice large cleaned squid which I thought might work. I chose to double the marinade recipe since I was serving four people and added the following changes (since there was little guidance, re: black pepper and soy sauce):

1 teaspoon 4:1 salt/pepper mix
6 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 teaspoons grated garlic
a little black pepper
2 teaspoon soy sauce
2 Tablespoons yuzu juice

So I prepared 3 large zucchini, halved lengthwise and each of those halves cut into 4 pieces. I got 1 lb of (6) squid bodies (from HMart, Fort Lee) cleaned (some of the squid still had the transparent cuttle bone within) and soaked them in water with 1 teaspoon of sea salt.

Cleaned squid soaking in salt water

Cleaned squid soaking in salt water

While the squid was soaking, I went ahead and prepared the marinade…getting together a teaspoon of the salt/pepper mix, the 2 teaspoons of grated garlic along with the soy sauce, yuzu juice and

2 teaspoons grated garlic, salt/pepper, yuzu, soy

2 teaspoons grated garlic, 1 teaspoon salt/pepper, yuzu, soy

extra virgin olive oil.

The assembled marinade

The assembled marinade

Once the marinade was done, in went the zucchini and squid which I hand-tossed a bit and set aside to rest for a bit more than 20 minutes.

Cut zucchini and squid tossed and resting in the marinade before cooking

Cut zucchini and squid tossed and resting in the marinade before cooking

Because of the size of the squid, relative to the grill pan, I started some of the squid first and then followed up with zucchini and squid.   Before the squid went on, I brushed/wiped the hot grill surface with a little olive oil; as soon as the squid hit the pan, they started to slowly shrivel.  Once the squid stopped shrinking, I flipped it over to cook on the other side.  The cooking heat for grill pan was about 60% max power.  As I got the squid off the heat, on went the zucchini and more squid.

...onto the grill pan

…onto the grill pan

The squid that came off the heat were cut up into bite size pieces before placed into a common serving bowl.

Cuttring up the cooked squid while the zucchini grills

Cutting up the cooked squid while the zucchini grills

I took a couple of small bits of zucchini out and did a quick taste test to make sure the zucchini were cooked through.  Once everything was done, I shipped the serving bowl out to the table for dinner.

Nobu Grilled Marinated Squid And Zucchini

Nobu Grilled Marinated Squid And Zucchini

While everyone was happy with how the offering tasted, I was happy that I hadn’t overcooked the squid. I was a little unsatisfied on how the dish looked – having the skin-on squid was probably important for the appearance of the grill marks on the squid, and might have actually contributed a slightly ‘toasty’ flavor to the dish. I’d like to take another go at this dish once I can find the proper squid.

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