A few notes about Nobu

Previously, on tastingmenu.wordpress.com –

* https://tastingmenu.wordpress.com/2011/05/04/matsuhisa-la/

I recently came across a few interesting pieces of information at  http://agendabeijing.com/nobumatsuhisa/

Here are two interesting excerpts:

Which of your restaurants is your favorite? I opened my first restaurant in Los Angeles. It’s my favorite, Matsuhisa…When I travel to different cities, someone always treats me.  Dinners, hotels, drivers… But when I go back to LA, no one treats me like this. I drive myself, go to the fish market myself, and I still cook at Matsuhisa.

Commentary: It’s been my experience (and it’s probably common knowledge amongst the local/long time patrons) that Matsuhisa-sama is generally at his home restaurant during holiday week at the end of the year. I know – I’ve had the privilege of dining in the omakase room during that time period (see https://tastingmenu.wordpress.com/2011/05/04/matsuhisa-la) and have had an occasional omakase dish prepared by him (for which I will be forever grateful).

Tell us about your Black Cod in Miso. I created my black cod in miso dish before I opened a restaurant. I learned about Black Cod while I lived in Alaska,…I blend the miso myself, marinate it for three days,…90 percent of our customers order the black cod in miso. There is the God Father, but I am called the “Cod Father.”[laughs]

Commentary: So now you’ve heard it from the source – black cod miso is marinated for three days.

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