Reproducing Nobu Intercontinental Hong Kong’s Sweet Corn And Scallop Salad

So as part of dinner this past Saturday night (6 Oct 2012), I thought I’d do an appetizer.  I remembered seeing an item on the Nobu Hong Kong menu when the restuarant first opened ( The item was Sweet Corn And Scallop Salad With Yuzu Dresssing (see  Looking the picture, I thought to myself, “I know how to sear scallops, I know how to make the Nobu yuzu dressing; I think I can do this!”.  A little follow up research on the web indicated that the dish might be as doable as I suspected (see:  I didn’t have hijiki on hand and I was skeptical that the corn in the salad was raw; I guessed that the corn and been blanched and shocked.

So I got some fresh frisee I had on hand from a dinner I had the other night cleaned; then  I blanched and shocked some sweet yellow corn I had in the refridgerator.

About 6 oz of sweet corn kernels (for two people)

It was now just a matter of making Nobu’s yuzu dressing and then cooking up two nice big scallops.  The scallops (that I got from Whole Foods, Wellesley, MA) were seasoned on both sides with 4:1 salt/pepper and then popped into a hot pan with

Searing the seasoned sea scallops

grapeseed oil (initially on high, then to medium heat) to sear for about 3-4 minutes on a side. While the scallops were cooking, I put the 6 oz of sweet yellow corn into a mixing bowl with about 5

Combining the corn and yuzu dressing

tablespoons of yuzu dressing and tossed well to coat.

Into two glass serving ‘cups’, I placed a lining of frisee (2 or 3 fronds) and then filled the cups with the corn that had been mixed with the yuzu dressing. Once the scallops were done, they were quartered and placed atop the sweet corn salad.

Sweet Corn And Scallop Salad With Yuzu Dressing

My wife and I both loved all the flavors in this appetizer and I think I’d consider it when planning this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

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