Pudding things in perspective for custards

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* https://tastingmenu.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/chawanmushi/

So, at my wife’s request, I added a chawanmushi to last night’s dinner.  While she wanted a ‘classic’ chawanmushi, I thought I’d go ahead and try a twist to my serving of chawanmushi.  Using the Nobu chawanmushi template as my basic method,  I added some sliced black truffle to my serving before popping it into the steamer.  When the custards came out, I briefly removed the lid on my serving and drizzled in a teaspo0n of white truffle oil and then recovered my serving.

I must say, I was quite pleased on how the chawanmushi with the truffles/truffle oil turned out. Like Iron Chef Michiba said, “Ingredients do not recognize national boundaries”.


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