Superbowl Sunday Dinner

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So my wife asked me to do another tobanyaki dinner for Superbowl Sunday.  So instead of salmon, I chose to do a steak version.  But a tobanyaki dish by itself didn’t quite seem to fit the occasion so I thought I’d add a few more courses for the evening.  So what to make?  I settled on:

* Field Greens Salad
Julienne of Fuyu Persimmon, Nishino Sesame Vinaigrette and Garlic Oil
* Ribeye Tobanyaki
Shiitake,Asparagus , Sake yuzu soy, clarified butter
* Suimono
Blanched shrimp, baby spinach

Over the last year or so, I’d been making salads with oil in the dressings and so when I came across Nishino’s dungeness crab salad, the sesame vinaigrette jumped out at me (see: ). So to make half-batch of the Nishino sesame vinaigrette, I replaced the the toasted ground sesame seeds with roasted tahini that I got at Whole Foods, Newtonville and combined the recipe ingredients –

1/4 cup               roasted tahini
4   tablespoons  nikiri sake
1   tablespoon    soy sauce
2   tablespoons  rice vinegar
1 1/2 teaspoons lemon juice
1/2   teaspoon    honey
2 pinches of       salt
pinch of              togarashi

Sesame vinaigrette ingredients (nikri sake already in dragon bowl)

2 oz of roasted sesame paste (aka tahini)

So following the recipe, I combined all the above with the hot 4 tablespoons of nikiri sake.  After seasoning with dressing with 1 pinch of togarashi and 1 pinch of salt, I added another pinch because the dressing tasted underseasoned.

As I discovered, I couldn’t use my tomato peeling trick (dropping the item into hot boiling water then shocking the  item in ice water) with the fuyu persimmon.  I ended up having to de-skin the fuyu with a vegetable peeler.  Once the peeling was done, I cut the fuyu into thin discs, stacked them and then cut ‘matchsticks’ from the stacked fuyu discs.

Julienne of peeled fuyu persimmon

The julienned fuyu and field greens went into a bowl and I added 4 tablespoons of sesame vinaigrette

Field greens and fuyu before dressing and tossing

to the side of the mixing bowl and then gently tossed the bowl’s contents until the salad seemed well tossed.  I hand placed a handful of the salad items to each serving plate and then drizzled 1/2

Salad tossed with 4 tablespoons of the Nishino Sesame Vinaigrette

teaspoon of Boyajin garlic oil over each salad.

Boyajian Garlic Oil for finishing the salad

For the suimono, I made about 6 cups of the dashi, reserved 4 for another time.  To the 2 cups of dashi I was using for the soup, 1 tablespoon of usukuchi (light soy sauce) and  1/4 teaspoon + 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt was added to the broth and brought just up to a boil.  To the each of the soup bowls, I added a few fresh baby spinach leaves and then 5 split blanched (shelled, deveined) shrimp.  To finish, all I had to do was pour over the hot seasoned dashi broth and serve.

For the tobanyaki, I pretty much went through the same procedure as I did for salmon tobanyaki (see ).  I star-sliced the tops of some shiitake mushrooms and pre-broiled them, blanched some big-stalk asparagus and then pan fried salt/pepper/garlic powder seasoned ribeyes (about 4 1/2 minutes a side – they’d finish cooking on the hot toban plates).

Clockwise from side left: rice, suimono, field greens and fuyu salad, ribeye tobanyaki

As my wife observed, the meal was far more memorable than the Superbowl broadcast.

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