Morimoto Hayashi Stew, “Fast Version”

So my wife and I were spending the winter holidays at my folks place.  So during the course of our stay, I had made Ron Siegel’s Red Wine Braised shortribs and I had a reasonable amount of the braising liquid left. On top of that we also had a 1 last pound of kobe beef for shabu shabu from Mitsuwa, Edgewater and a reasonable amount of Iron Chef Chen’s chicken broth/stock used for the shabu shabu.  Now I had used some of Iron Chef Chen’s chicken stock to make drunk chicken as an appetizer tonight.

So what to do for supper?  I then remembered that I had once made use of the remaining braising liquid from Ron Siegel’s Red Wine Braised Shortribs to make Morimoto’s Hayashi stew.  Originally when I initially had made this, I had gotten American Kobe (Snake River Farms) and had cut up the pound and a half into 1.5″ long x .5″ thick “batons”.  But this time I had kobe shabu shabu.   If I cooked the meat as proscribed, it would shrivel up in the stew.  So I decided to prepare the shabu shabu meat by ‘quick searing’ it through a quick stir fry with the garlic and oil (the original recipe calls for 3 tablespoons of garlic; and of course my wife isn’t real big on heated/cooked butter).

The original recipe from Iron Chef Morimoto begins by sauteeing a whole large sliced onion in oil for about 5-7 minutes and then setting it aside.  The process continues by searing the beef in 3 tablespoons of heated butter and a minced clove of garlic (about 3-5 minutes), then setting aside the meat with the onions and deglazing the pan with a cup of ‘hearty red wine'(I read that as ‘a good cabernet sauvignon’).  The beef, onions, pan deglazed contents are then combined into a stew pot with 3 tablespoons of ketchup, 2 cups of veal broth and shanton broth (chinese superior broth).  The whole thing is left to simmer for about an hour and a half (“until the meat almost tender”).  While the stew is simmering, a roux is made with 3 tablespoons of butter and  1/4 cup of flour.  Once the roux is made, half of the simmering stew liquid is added gradually to make a thickening agent that’s added back to the stew to further cook for the last half hour.  The stew has its seasoning corrected with salt and pepper.

So I began this ‘fast version’ by taking the 2 cups of the shortrib braising liquid (remember, short ribs

Remainder red wine shortribs braising liquid

AND red wine were cooked together with chicken stock) and added 2 cups of Iron Chef Chen’s chicken stock and brought it to a boil and then set it down to simmer. Once the stewing liquid had

Iron Chef Chen's chicken stock/broth added to the braising liquid

come to a boil, I drew off about a  cup in reserve. While the stewing liquid was simmering, I sliced up

Slicing up onions for the stew

clockwise from top: ketchup, 1 cup of stew liquid, 1 clove of minced garlic

a large onion into ‘ribbons’ and sauteed it in oil for  about 5-7 minutes and transferred the onions to

Sauteeing the sliced onions in the wok

Sauteed onions transferred to the stewing liquid

adding the ketchup to the stew

the stewing liquid. I then also added the 3  tablespoons of ketchup at this point.  I then gradually ‘dusted’ in a quarter cup of flour, gradually stirring to incorporate it.  At this point, I brought the stewing liquid back to a boil to make sure it thickened up appropriately and then dropped the heat back down to a simmer.

'Dusting' in the all purpose flour to thicken the stew

To the pan in which I cooked the onions, I added a bit more oil and minced garlic and flash stir fried

Flash frying kobe shabu shabu beef in garlic

the kobe shabu shabu meat until it was just coloured.  I added the meat to the simmering stew liquid, deglazed the pan with the reserved cup of stewing liquid and added everything back to the stew pot,

The stew, assembled

stirred the stew pot well and took the whole thing off the heat.

When dinner time arrived, a bowl of rice was placed on each of the serving plates and then a portion of the hayashi stew around the rice.

Morimoto Hayashi Stew ('fast version'), served

My wife helped out with dinner with a family style stir fry of eggplant, bell pepper, with maitake  and nameko mushrooms to compliment the stew. Everyone at home agreed it was a delicious and satisfying meal.

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