Bluefish With Miso Anticucho

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In previous writeups, I had mentioned that anticucho pairs well with a strongly flavored fish like bluefish.  So I thought I would do a roasted bluefish tonight (10 Nov) paired with the miso anticucho sauce.  The sauce itself is pretty easy to make when you have the Nobu miso, red and yellow anticucho sauces on hand.  It’s just a mix of 1 portion of each element.  Normally, I would measure out 1 tablespoon of each for a total of 3 tablespoons of sauce/serving.  To make sure I had enough sauce to finish the dish, I thought it would be best to make 3 tablespoons Nobu-style saikyo miso, 3 tablespoons red anticucho sauce and 3 tablespoons yellow anticucho sauce for a total of 9 tablespoons of sauce (4 1/2 oz).

Cooking the bluefish is also pretty straight forward.  In this instance, I begin preparing the fish by patting it dry with paper towels (make sure the skin is nice and dry because that helps to produce a nice crisp cooked skin during the cooking process) and then seasoning both sides of the bluefish fillet with 4:1 salt/pepper mix. The New Legal Sea Foods Cookbook suggests roasting bluefish (from its “Bluefish in a Kale and Tomato Sauce” recipe, p. 96) at 425 degrees for 10 minutes (or until cooked through).

Roasting the seasoned bluefish

In trying to come up with a vegetable pairing, I suddenly remembered that brussel sprouts were paired with the lamb chops AND the miso anticucho sauce during my Matsuhisa, LA omakase meal of 16 June 2007.  So I went ahead and got about 12 sprouts, had them peeled (like they do   for the Scallop and Brussel Sprouts with Jalapeno Salsa recipe in Nobu Now [p. 159]) and rinsed.  The preparation of the brussel sprouts would be really quick and easy – a fast stir fry with grapeseed oil and two pinches of salt.

Stir fried peeled brussel sprout leaves

After roasting the bluefish, I went ahead and placed a portion of the brussel sprouts on the plate and then laid the bluefish against the sprouts.  The plate was finished with 4 tablespoons of the miso anticucho sauce.

Roasted Crisp Skin Bluefish With Brussel Sprouts And Miso Anticucho Sauce

This was my wife’s first time to have this dish, served with a side of rice – she loved the flavors and the textural element of the crispy skin.

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