Steak And Onions, Iron Chef Chen-Style

This has been a Chen Kenichi weekend for my wife and I.  Saturday, I prepared Iron Chef Chen’s Mapo Tofu, much to my wife’s delight.  Chatting over dinner, my wife inquried if Chen-san’s Knockout Chinese cookbook had an easy recipe that I could do Sunday night.  In looking through the book, I decided on Chen Kenichi’s Chinese-style Steak – a Chen home recipe for Steak and Onions.  The recipe is basically a simple scored, seasoned grilled steak topped with seasoned sauteed onions.  The seasoning for the onions is basically 3 parts sake, 1 part soy and either an extra dash of soy or worcestershire sauce.  The steaks were simply seasoned with a 4:1 salt/pepper mix. When I did this recipe for my wife and I, I chose to do the worcestershire sauce variant since Iron Chef Chen noted that he preferred to use the worcestershire sauce when he made this dish.


Thinly Sliced Onions and Sauce Ingredients

Sauce For The Onions

Scored flatiron steaks

Cooked flatirons resting on baby spinach

Onions sauteed in rice oil and sauce being added

Finished recipe

In Chen Kenichi’s Knockout Chinese, he plates the onions off to the side, but I thought it might be nice to top the steak with the cooked onions. In hindsight, when I remake this recipe, I would use quadruple the amount of the sauce to balance the sweetness of the sauteed onions topping .  When I made the dish I couldn’t get watercress, so I substituted fresh baby spinach; in retrospect I should have probably chosen arugula, much like they do at Jody Adam’s ‘Rialto’.

Update (6 Apr 2011): I redid this dish last night using skirt steak, .8 lb of sweet onion and made the sauce with 10 tablespoons sake, 2 teaspoons of soy and 1 teaspoon of worcestershire sauce and plated the skirt steak and onions atop baby arugula.  I was much happier with this outcome.  One quick comment – yes, it is a lot of sauce for the onions.  Once the onions softened and picked up a little color, I added the sauce and cooked them through until I could not smell any more alcohol from the sake.

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