Shintori Omakase Menu

This restaurant is located at: B1, Sec. 3 AnHe Rd. Taipei City, Taiwan
Jan 2006
* zensai sakizuke
    ikura stuffed kumquat, sweet kuromame with gold leaf on lotus root
    and katsuo shavings, pickled herring roe, yuzu dressed nimboshi on
    lime, kanpyo wrapped konbu, toro with house miso, black tobiko stuffed
    ebi, daikon/cod roe "sandwich"

* chilled uni/kabocha chawanmushi
     shrimp consomme "gin'an"

* peeled daikon wrapped sushi plate
     shredded onion, sudachi

* 'Nimono'
     yuba wrapped ebi, broccoli, shimeji, minced lily root,
     taro and dark miso

* seafood/avocado 'gratin'
   purple potato chips and lily root

* mishima beef ishiyaki
   fresh grated hawaiian salt, naganegi

* cold inaniwa somen with lime

* fresh fruit/adzuki mochi soup

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